Energy of the future

The sun is full of energy!

"Humanity's deepest desire is to search for meaning and purpose"

Our company’s purpose falls into various areas. Based on a clear commitment to renewable energies, environmental protection and the associated protection of life represent the core objectives of our actions. The parallel business interests are subject to clearly defined values and ethics deriving from them. Our cooperation with clients and investors is based on honesty, reliability and a spirit of partnership. Our general objectives are rounded out by a social environment that motivates employees and promotes their identification with the company.

F&S solar in figures
PV systems planned to date:
over 1,500 k
Employees at head office
Revenue (2010)
103 Mio. Euro

Company history:

The history of F&S solar begins in 1988, when two friends, Jörg Frühauf and Georg Schmiedel, set up a joint property company. In 1994, the business shifts away from development activities and evolves into a pure project management company specialising in the development of large-scale construction sites. In the ensuring years, the company participates in a range of PPP (public-private-partnership) models with various municipalities. The company develops a growing number of portfolio properties in the form of multiple family dwellings, office buildings and official buildings, which are retained by the partners and operated on a long-term basis. The idea to establish F&S solar concept GmbH comes to fruition in 2005. By using existing infrastructures, the company rapidly develops into one of the leading project developers in the area of solar plants. After just three years, the company is already generating revenues of EUR 103 million.

The branch in Italy (Rome) is founded, in 2010, followed by the branch in Turkey (Ankara) in 2013. In 2010, the partners establish F&S solar energy, with which they currently provide over 11 MW of their own power output.

Organisational chart