The Market

The photovoltaic market is entering the most exciting phase in its history so far. Thanks to the enormous commitment on the part of Germany over the last ten years, it has been possible to initiate a global energy revolution. As a financially strong and industrialised nation, the Federal Republic of Germany has provided massive support and funding for the pioneering work carried out in the field of photovoltaic technology. In this way, it was possible to develop solar modules to market maturity within a very short time and then start producing them in large volumes. Thanks to the German Renewable Energies Act (EEG) and the resulting planning reliability, it was possible to attract solvent investors to facilitate the implementation of large solar plants.

Today, photovoltaic technology is poised to take its second major evolutionary step towards profitable electricity generation that no longer requires supporting measures. With the help of large, ultra-modern and efficient solar plants, it is now possible to generate clean solar electricity for less than 10 cents. All of the energy required to do this is supplied by the sun. Totally reliable and completely free.

PV 2.0 has begun. The revolution continues.