Whether you are a private or an institutional investor, you can rely on the extensive experience and expertise of F&S solar. With more than 1,500 PV systems installed, our company ranks among the leading EPCs in Europe. We can handle your entire PV investment from a single source.

F&S solar is audited and certified annually by Allianz. All yield and acceptance reports are issued by recognized institutions.

In the area of system planning and construction, F&S solar was RAL-certified and is therefore bound by the relevant standards and regulations. has thus committed itself to the relevant standards and regulations. The RAL seal of approval is no longer listed in the corresponding category since 2017.

Quality at the highest level.

Each of the PV systems developed by us are operated by limited partnerships (GmbH & Co. KG) specially established for the purpose. By acquiring these KGs, you are taking possession of a turnkey solar park along with all of the necessary contracts, rights, easements and permits.

We also provide a comprehensive range of operational management services. On request, we can provide robust yield guarantees and enhanced services.

With F&S solar, your investment in solar plants is highly profitable and secure.