Solar electricity in a tourist paradise

When you think about the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean in general, you inevitably picture white beaches and dream holidays. All thanks to the world’s biggest energy source: the sun. Global solar radiation is almost twice the level recorded in Germany.

At present, the energy supply in the Dominican Republic is largely dependent on imported crude oil. The rising import price for this limited resource is leading to growing interest in solar power. The island nation also suffers from continuous energy shortages, making an expansion of generation capacities essential. Here, too, photovoltaic technology is the method of choice.

Important new legislation in the energy sector with a positive impact on the development of renewables has already been introduced.
The measures resolved include tax benefits for companies that generate electricity from renewable energy sources, as well as statutory feed-in tariffs.
The electricity market in the Caribbean nation is also currently undergoing a process of privatisation, and the areas of power generation, transmission and distribution have been formally separated.
The small number of households connected to the grid in rural regions offers attractive opportunities for intelligent diesel hybrid systems that allow diesel units to be combined with solar systems.

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