Solar electricity in a tourist paradise

In the Dominican Republic and the entire Caribbean region, thoughts of white beaches and dream holidays are inevitable. The framework conditions for this are provided by the world's largest energy source, the sun. Global radiation is about double that of Germany.

The Dominican Republic's energy supply is largely dependent on crude oil imports at present. The rising import price of this limited energy source is leading to increased interest in solar power. In addition, the island state is suffering from a continuous shortage of electricity, which makes the expansion of generation capacities imperative. Here, too, photovoltaic technology is the method of choice.

As the largest solar park in the Caribbean with a total capacity of 116 MW (phase I - 58 MW, phase II - 58 MW), the Montecristi solar park has laid the foundation for a sustainable turnaround in energy policy in the Dominican Republic.

F&S solar's company headquarters, together with the local office in the Dominican Republic, plans to install a total of more than 500 MW of solar capacity by 2025. At the same time, sustainable stand-alone systems will be created in rural areas and large-scale storage solutions for grid stabilisation planned and built.

The office in Santo Domingo also serves as the headquarters for further developments in the Caribbean region.