Spain was one of the solar energy pioneers of Europe. For several years, the PV sector focused on this target market and installed a lot of gigawatt of electrical capacity. Some years ago, due to royal decrees, these abundant governmental subsidies have been reduced tremendously. This consequent and necessary step now pays off for Spain.

The global radiation, which is still high in nearly all parts of Spain, as well as the decline in module – and system prices, offer the country a perfect condition for a new entry in the solar energy market.

The yearly solar irradiation is approx. 1.700 KWh/m² in average whereas for example in the south of Germany only has an irradiation of approx. 1.150 KWh/m².  This is a plus of irradiation of more than 50 %. With such frame conditions, big solar plants can even be calculated with a minimum of governmental subsidies. Today, the profitability of plants can be secured only by means of the electricity market price. The strong dependence on governmental subsidies belongs to the past.

Thus, Spain again has the realistic possibility to cover 20 % of the energy consumption by means of renewable energies.

Photovoltaic 2.0 will revolutionize the energy market and will offer greater chances of profits for international investors, being secured by governmental subsidies and a period of 30 years.

Global horizontal irradiation Spain