Social Projects

"Humanity's deepest desire is to search for meaning and purpose" Our company's purpose falls into various areas. Based on a clear commitment to renewable energies, environmental protection and the associated protection of life represent the core objectives of our actions. The parallel business interests are subject to clearly defined values and ethics deriving from them. Our cooperation with clients and investors is based on honesty, reliability and a spirit of partnership. Our general objectives are rounded out by a social environment that motivates employees and promotes their identification with the company."

In this context, F&S solar participates extensively in various social projects. Our commitment is highly diversified. It ranges from child and youth development initiatives to the area of art and culture, the broad spectrum of sports all the way to supporting the elderly or people in need.

    • Jubiläumslauf in der Kneipp-Kurstadt

      15. Juni 2010

    • Schüler fahren auf E-Bikes ab

      20. November 2012

    • Teilnehmerrekord: Rund 1300 Athleten beim „Indeland-Triathlon“

      19. Juni 2013

    • „F&S solar“ unterstützt

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