Dellbrück Business Park

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Cologne's Dellbrück district underwent its economic boom at the end of the 18th century with the help of renewable energies in the form of hydro power. After more than 100 years, Dellbrück opted once more to introduce renewable energies. This time round, however, it is the sun that plays a decisive role.

The investor, Dr Heribert Landskron-Reissdorf, commissioned F&S solar to construct a megawatt power plant. A 1.3 MW photovoltaic system was installed on the halls of the Leskan Park. This time around, it is not power from water that supplies the energy, but rather from the sun. The solar plant now supplies over 260 Dellbrück households with electricity. More than 7,500 modules provide a reliable supply of 1,251,154 kWh of clean electricity. Consequently, Dellbrück Business Park is saving 863 tonnes of the "climate killer" CO2.

Wechselrichter Dachanlage Leskanpark

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