Solarpark Inden

RurEnergie drives decentralised electricity generation

Located in the immediate vicinity of the Weisweiler lignite-fuelled power station, North Rhine-Westphalia's largest solar park was connected to the grid in autumn 2011. On a former landfill site extending to 100,000 m², over 16,000 modules with a total output of 3,815 kWp were installed in 2011. However, the technicians from F&S solar first had to solve a structural problem. Due to the loosely heaped soil, it was not possible to use the standard piles. Following extensive ground surveys and inspections, a special screw anchor system that would meet the static requirements over the long term was selected.

The Inden solar park project, which cost a total of 10 million euros, was initiated by the local council in Düren. To expedite support for renewable energies in the region, the council established RurEnergie GmbH. Its shareholders are the investment company of Düren local council, which provided the majority of the share capital of 500,000 euros, Düren's municipal utilities (SWD) and the investment company of the Düren savings bank.

"This is a very good day for our region," declared council chairman Wolfgang Spelthahn during the inauguration. "By constructing Inden solar park, we are not only making a significant contribution to climate protection in the region, but are ensuring the security of supply for our citizens through local, decentralised electricity generation."

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