Largest solar power plant in the Caribbean

With the solar park Montecristi, the Dominican Republic is taking a leading role in renewable energies throughout the Caribbean. The solar power plant is located on an area of 2 million square meters. A total of 215,000 modules were installed, which produce an output of 58 MW.

 As the largest solar park in the Caribbean, the solar park Montecristi will produce around 103,000 MWh of electricity per year and will thereby be able to supply permanently up to 50,000 households with safe and clean electricity.

In doing so, an important raw material of the Dominican Republic is optimally used: the sun. In the Montecristi region in particular, solar radiation and the electricity produced can be reliably planned.

Montecristi Solar reflects the awakening of a new energy age. Solar energy opens up new, unprecedented opportunities and will have a lasting impact on the country's future.

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