Off-Grid Systems

A total of 1.6 billion people around the world are without access to electricity. With the intelligent PV systems from F&S solar, it is possible to generate clean solar electricity in every country in the world. By using these systems, it is possible to quickly set up local power supplies that can generate and store electricity completely independently.

Off-grid Anlagen

One particularly successful model involves the use of solar systems to support existing or newly installed diesel units. This innovative hybrid system consists of an ultra-modern solar park and a conventional diesel unit. At the heart of the hybrid system is an intelligent electricity management system that always uses the energy generated by the solar park to begin with and only starts up the diesel unit if it detects additional demand. Thanks to this form of electricity generation, diesel consumption can be reduced by up to 80%. The associated reduction in costs is enormous.

  • Significantly lower diesel consumption
  • Lower dependency on oil price fluctuations
  • Reduced local emissions
  • Return of Investment in 4–6 years (depending on various factors)


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