Solar plants have advanced over the last few years to become secure and reliable investment goods. They generate long-term stable yields that can be calculated with a high degree of accuracy. Depreciation of solar plants is calculated over a period of 20 years. For this reason, investments in solar plants are ideally suited to investors who have a high tax rate to begin with and wish to profit in the long term from regular payments.

The degree of wear and associated maintenance costs are low. In addition to the tax advantages, the current historically low interest rates make investments in PV extremely desirable.

In combination with high withdrawals during initial grace periods, the investor will in most cases recoup the equity invested after only a few years of operation of the solar plant. With regard to the subsequent positive yields, particularly after the loan capital has been repaid, lower interest rates are generally beneficial (e.g. after the start of the pension phase).

Solar loans at favourable terms increase the yield on equity.