System Construction

Quick - efficient and low-maintenance

The technical equipment of our open area systems is subject to the strictest controls and certifications.
The assembly system used is optimally based on individual, local circumstances. As such, in addition to wind and snow loads, ground conditions are analysed.

The system's advantages are impressive:

  • Soil sealing by laying concrete foundations is not required
  • Even on uneven terrain, assembly parallel to the ground is possible
  • Reduced construction time due to a higher degree of pre-assembly
  • Assembly of the modules on aluminium extruded sections
  • Piles made from steel that has been galvanised several times
  • Separation of steel and aluminium achieved by anodic coating
  • Assembly precise to the millimetre due to the state-of-the-art laser systems
  • Reversible without any problems

Using a CAD system, our engineers identify and plan the best design for the facility. Losses in performance are minimised.

Inverters from SMA Technologie AG are used in our solar parks. SMA AG, headquartered in Kassel, is a global market-leader in the manufacture of inverters. The inverters ensure the highest degree of efficiency and are absolutely low-maintenance when used continuously.

Tested quality

Highest yield – IEC-certified – 100% integrated quality control
German performance and product guarantees