Operational Monitoring

Everything under continuous and comprehensive control

The solar plants installed by F&S solar generally operate without any problems. Each plant is designed with a service life of 25 years – and with the comprehensive service provided by F&S solar, you are in good hands in the long term.

Continuous, comprehensive operational monitoring by F&S solar safeguards yields and identifies possible weak points. Failures or malfunctions are signalled and recognised quickly. Qualified engineers immediately take measures to solve the problem and can therefore minimise any possible loss of yield. Modern inverters record the essential operating data of the photovoltaic system. Special software enables our trained engineers to access this data remotely and to make targeted evaluations.

Voltage, current, output and frequency can thus be controlled. Moreover, the operating time of the inverter and the corresponding device status can be determined.

A detailed system report keeps our clients regularly updated. Problems are reported immediately. Regular on-site inspection and maintenance round out this comprehensive service.

With the help of various service modules, it is possible to expand pure operational monitoring all the way to complete technical operations management. This allows you to benefit from optimum services at all times throughout the project duration and secures your investment over the long term. In addition to highly proficient services, we can also provide extensive warranties on request.


Operational monitoring